One eye.

Even though I work in bookselling I am not sure about the protocol about sharing news about forthcoming books. If I am given a proof of, say, the best memoir I have yet read, I don’t think I should give bits of it away. So I will only say that Insomniac City by Bill Hayes is indeed a wonderfully warm, compassionate and uplifting read.

And here is a picture of my son’s right eye. If you read the book you’ll see what prompted it.


The Naked Muse

Not a day without a line was the motto of rococo artist Jan Anton Garemijn and used as the frontispiece by Kelley Swain in her fabulous book The Naked Muse. She describes her experiences as an artist’s model, muses on life, art, how we  are seen by others and how we see ourselves.

As for the motto, I am choosing to see it as a soft target rather than a rigid discipline. wp-image-2047480543jpg.jpg